CES 2014: Q Factor Aims to Solve Video Buffering With an SDK | Mobile Video Challenges Worldwide | Scoop.it

When packets are lost over a TCP connection, they’re retransmitted. This slows delivery 50 percent to ensure that the replacement packets make it through. Roy sites a study by Vern Paxson, a computer science professor at the University of California at Berkeley, that shows most homes have packet loss of 2 percent. Increased interference from mobile devices will compound the problem, Roy says.


Packet Express circumvents this slow down by replacing lost packets with an error correction technology, one that doesn’t force a retransmission. It transforms packets using high order linear algebra, Roy says, and delivers substitutes for any packets lost. It also determines when networks are congested and alters the pace of the TCP transmission for optimal delivery.


Rather than sitting on the network, Packet Express is integrated into an iOS or Android client application. App makers simply need to include the Q Factor library in their video players and recompile them. The code adds 500kb of data.

Via Nicolas Weil, Ludovic Bostral